More ways to give this week

More ways to give this week

KCO-blog-FBHeartland-IG-effort-ogThis Wednesday, Omaha will once again turn its attention to non-profits raising money in our community. The 4th Annual Omaha Gives, starts at midnight on May 25th. The event encourages the general public to donate money for a 24 hour period, and raises awareness for the efforts many organizations make.

We have a long standing relationship with one of this years participants—The Food Bank for the Heartland. We encourage everyone to consider donating to the Food Bank as they continue to address hunger in our area.

If you are unable to donate money, you can help raise money for the Food Bank another way. We will continue to donate $1 for every new follower we receive on our Instagram page. Each dollar donated provides 3 meals for a family in need.

Our Instagram account showcases some of our great offers, as well as snapshots of various projects we’ve completed. If you are thinking about a new flooring option for your home, we invite you to browse our page to gather ideas.


Thanks for donating.