Trims & Moldings

Prefinished Wood Moldings for Solid, Engineered and Longstrip Hardwood Floors


Quarter Round

qtrroundUsed as a trim piece along vertical walls and the floor.




Flush Mount Universal Edge

flushmount-universalUsed to join wood flooring with carpeted areas.




Flush Mount Reducer

flushmount-reducerProvides a smooth transition between floors of different heights and materials.




Flush Mount Stair Nose

flushmount_stairnosingPlaced on stairs and landings to cover exposed edges of wood flooring.





t-moldingJoins two areas of wood flooring of the same height, usually in doorways or thresholds.





Baby Threshold

baby_thresholdFor engineered hardwood floors only; used to join wood flooring with carpeted areas.





monotrackUsed to secure trims and molding to subfloor.