Laminate Flooring from Kelly’s Carpet Omaha

CDL7_42_03_4x5 (601) croppedLaminate flooring is the Renaissance Man of flooring since it easily suits a variety of needs. Laminate flooring works great for active families, is incredibly easy to maintain, is easy to clean, and also looks fabulous in your home. Due to the structural makeup of laminate flooring, it won’t stain or fade from sunlight and it’s extremely impact resistant. This wonderful structural makeup of laminate floors is really just a combination of special resins paper layers, fiber core, and a print film that is fused together into a solid mass. Laminate floors are available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns; the possibilities are so great that you could even get your family picture put into the laminate of your Omaha home. To top it all off, laminate flooring offers a glueless locking system which makes for an easy, no-mess installation. Our experienced flooring specialists would be happy to explain any other useful details about laminate flooring and help you find flooring to best suit your lifestyle and taste.

Laminate Floors Can Go Anywhere!

Kelly’s Carpet Omaha carries the finest in laminate floor options which can be floated over virtually ANY surface other than carpet. Whether you’re looking to cover an existing ceramic tile, vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), concrete, or any other flooring you currently have that you’re not satisfied with, laminate can easily be placed over it all. If you love the rich look of ceramic tile or the timeless elegance of hardwood, Kelly’s Carpet Omaha will help you find that laminate floors perfect for you Omaha home!


Brands We Carry

Brands We Carry

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