Time to get those rugs clean?

Time to get those rugs clean?

April is almost here and signs of Spring are starting to pop up – the tulips are poking up, trees are sprouting buds and warm days are starting to outnumber the cold ones. Many of us are starting to feel the itch to do some Spring Cleaning.

A good Spring Cleaning might involve cleaning out closets of the unnecessary items accumulated over the winter, or cleaning those forgotten spots like ceiling fans and windows. Opening the windows and deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms leaves you with a fresh-feeling home.

One thing often overlooked, even with a thorough Spring Cleaning, is your carpet. When is the last time you stopped to really look at your carpeting? Regular vacuuming is vital to maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your carpet, and if you live in a household with young children or pets, proper care is even more important. Professional carpet cleaning can help extend the life of carpeting, so give us a call – that is a service we offer! Even with regular maintenance, good quality carpeting needs to be replaced eventually!

If your carpet is showing signs of its age – fraying, pile that no longer stands despite vacuuming, or stains that can’t be removed – it’s time to consider new carpeting.

We invite you to come take a look at our selection of quality flooring options carpets. You might be surprised at some of improvements to carpet design, padding and textures since the last time you shopped for carpeting. The benefits of new carpeting, including our Karastan line, are not limited to just looking nicer. You will notice improved comfort from better cushioning, and new carpeting eliminates the allergens and odors from pets, dirt and spills that are trapped in old carpet.

We can help you get your home ready for your upcoming graduation party, family reunion, summer barbeques, or simply to give your home the fresh change it needs!