Hard Surface cleaning & care Tips


Regular Cleaning
The primary recommended cleaning tool for laminate is a dust mop.

Occasional wet mopping with water only, using a well wrung out mop, is also possible. If needed, use a solution of 1 cup of vinegar per gallon of water or 1/3 cup non-sudsing ammonia per gallon of water.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, detergents, soaps, waxes, or polishes.

Steam Mops
We do not recommend the use ofsteam mops.

Do not use vacuum rotating beater bares, floor scrubbers, steamers, jet mops, or similar products.


Regular Cleaning
Use a broom or hardwood floor mop for cleaning wood floors daily.

Use Bona or Squeaky products to clean and protect. Always apply the cleaning product directly to the terry cloth flooring mop, not the floor. Make sure to wring out most of the water of the mop, so it’s damp and not sopping wet.

Avoid leaving any standing water on the floor, which can damage the wood.

We do not recommend steam mops, or DIY wood floor cleaner containing vinegar, or any harsh detergents. Avoid using vinyl floor cleaner, or tile cleaner on hardwood floors.

Room Temperature
All hardwood floors can be affected by extreme changes in humidity. During the hot, humid weather, a dehumidifier may be required. In general, room humidity should stay between 35-55%, and room temperature should be between 60º F - 80º F. Exact temperatures can be found in your product’s information sheet.

Vinyl/Luxury Vinyl

Regular Cleaning
Sweep the floor regularly with a soft bristle broom to remove loose dirt.

The primary recommvended cleaning tool for luxury vinyl is a dust mop.

Occasional wet mopping with water only, using a well wrung out mop, is also possible.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, detergents, soaps, waxes, or polishes.

We do not recommend detergent based cleaners, abrasive or mop and shine products, ammonia or bleaches, or vacuum cleaners with rotating beater bar engaged.


Regular Cleaning
For all types of tile, sweep often. For porcelain tile, regular cleaning with warm water and mild soap is sufficient to keep floors looking good. You can also use gentle, everyday multipurpose spray cleaner to remove soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew. Always dry thoroughly after cleaning.

For ceramic tile, clean regularly with an all-purpose, low VOC, household or commercial cleaner. Multipurpose spray cleaner can be used on wall tile in baths/showers; a cotton mop, cloth, sponge or non-metallic brush should be used to apply and agitate cleaner.

Do not use cleaning products that contain acids or ammonia.

Tips & Tricks for Hard Surface Floors

Cleaning Products | Kelly's Carpet Omaha

Cleaning Products

Please refer to the “Hard Surface Cleaning & Care” side of this sheet, or your manufacturer for the preferred cleaning solution for your hard surface floors. Each manufacturer may provide their own brand of products that is best for their flooring.

You may also refer to your Flooring Specialist, who may direct you to one of our in-stock flooring cleaning products that is best for your floor.

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Rugs on Hard Surfaces

We recommend placing walk-off mats at all exterior entrances. This helps protect flooring from soil, grit, deicers, asphalt sealers and other contaminants capable of damaging flooring.

Wool rugs are on the most common choices for hardwood floors, as they’re durable and easy to clean. You may also look into natural fiber, cotton or synthetic rugs. If you choose any of these, avoid latex, plastic, or rubber backings orpaddings as they can cause more damage to your floors.

If you are interested in purchasing rugs for your home, contact your Flooring Specialist for help with custom rugs and rug assists perfect for your home and floors.

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Furniture Protection

We strongly recommend adding floor protectors to any furniture on your hard surface floors. Felt and fabric protectors work best. Perform a routine check of all objects on your floor’s surface to ensure everything is padded properly.