Know Before You Go

A Guide For Our Installation Process

Before Installation

Customer Care Dept | Kelly's Carpet Omaha

Our Customer Care Department will confirm your installation the day before your scheduled installation date.

Remove and Clean | Kelly's Carpet Omaha
  • All closets must be cleaned out to waist level.
  • Please ensure that valuables, small items, lamps, and wall hangings are removed from the room prior to installation.
  • Our furniture moving services include most emptied furniture items. Please let your flooring specialist know about any unusually large or heavy furniture items that will need to be moved. These items may require additional charges to move.
  • To prevent any accidental damage, please remove all electronics such as TVs, audio equipment, and computers. Please arrange the moving of any grandfather clocks, pool tables, aquariums, mechanical beds and pianos, with a company that specializes in moving these particular items.
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Day of Installation

Customer Care Dept | Kelly's Carpet Omaha

Our Customer Care Department will contact you between 7 - 9:30 AM on the morning of your installation. They will give you the approximate arrival time of your installation crew.

Install day checklist | Kelly's Carpet Omaha
  • To ensure a professional installation, location must be temperature controlled, electricity and running water must be present.

  • To ensure the safety of your pets, please have them in a room or crate where your installation crew is not working. The crews will have the door open while bringing materials in. We do not want your pet to accidentally get out or hurt during installation.

  • The person verifying the information must be 18 years old.

  • When your installation crew arrives, please review the areas they will be working in. Please discuss any concealed supply lines or wiring with your installer to prevent any damage.

  • Please communicate with installer if you are leaving during the installation. If you plan to do so, please leave us your contact information so we may reach you in case of any issues.

  • We will contact you in case unforeseen issues are uncovered upon removal of existing flooring. Your happiness with your new floor is important to us, so we will explain the issues, how we plan to remedy it, and any additional charges that may be necessary.

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Know Before You Go

  • Carpet is not a one-size-fits-all, making carpet seams likely. In many cases, these are not noticeable, but they are not invisible. Seam visibility will vary depending on type of carpet, and the room’s lighting.

  • Ask your flooring specialist for a list of approved vacuums that are recommended for your specific carpet.

  • Our installation crews are very careful of walls and woodwork, however, in some cases minor touch-ups are needed for walls and baseboards. Freshly painted surfaces are more susceptible to minor scrapes.

  • Your new flooring may not be the same height as your old flooring - this may result in doors needing trimmed, or trim needing replaced. In this case, please refer to a professional that provides this service.

  • Carpet fibers are softer than ever before! Please note that because of this, visible foot patterns are also more common.

  • It is possible for the carpet to be in such a condition that our installers are unable to remove it from your home. If the stains have excessive pet odor or urine, it will need to be removed prior to installation day.

  • Dust is a common occurrence during every phase of construction.

  • In the case that plumbing needs to be disconnected for install, please plan for a professional to visit after installation for any needed reconnections. This includes toilets, refrigerators with water, and other applicable appliances. We are unable to unhook or reconnect gas stoves and dishwashers.

  • The time frame provided for completion of installation is our best estimate - please note this may vary from actual time of completion in order to ensure your flooring is installed properly.